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Monday, October 03, 2005

LotR again

This weekend was relaxing in a rather drunken sort of the word relaxing. Friday evening I was exhausted from a long week. So exhausted that after a long puppy walk I managed to pass out on the couch at about 7:30 and slept until Saturday morning at 7:00 - a great 11.5 hours of sleep that made me feel much better.

Shortly after my normal morning routine Tres showed up and we started on my annual Lord of the Rings marathon. A few other homosexuals showed up over the course of the day and we drank, watched Tolkiens masterpiece, and in general had a jolly good time. We broke the day to watch Final Fantasy and do Joey's for dinner (which ended up being rather a disappointment if you ask me) and due to the delays and debauchery we didn't finish up the night until around 2:00 in the morning.

Given the late evening Sunday was pretty much a wash. I got some laundry done, and played with Skype, but aside from that did very little. I got sucked into the Return of the King bonus footage and watched all 5 hours of it while geeking on my laptop.

This week is looking ugly. I have stuff going on every single day, and so far have more than 5 interviews to manage. Luckily from those 5 interviews I'm expecting to get at least 3 deals which is more money in my pocket. I'm hoping that within the next 6 months I can continue my financial trends and have made a significant chunk of my goal for a down payment on a house. If I can get enough money together for a massive down payment life will be easy because I won't have to deal with a frighteningly large monthly payment on it.


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