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Sunday, October 30, 2005

More confident

The days since Wednesday have been kind of difficult for me. My headache has not yet completely gone away, but it has been getting better. Aside from a rather rough patch last night I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. My back finally stopped being stiff and annoying from the spinal tap on late Friday night. I've talked to some friends who went through similar headaches and all lived to tell the tales, and everyone I talk to has pretty much agreed that it's probably just a mild illness combined with stress.

I'm still not taking any chances and am going to go get checked out by a specialist but I don't have that creeping "something wrong with me" feeling as much as I did a few days ago (or even last night). Today I've just sat around the house and relaxed. I did some simple things like laundry and washing dishes, and watched Battle Star Galactica (after being re-introduced to them yesterday by the masterful Scott). Tonight I'm looking forward to doing much more of the same: very little. I'm hoping that if I focus on work during the days and relaxing in my evenings this week that things will go by quickly.

Sparky's teams award winning haloween pumpkin

I would have to rather sheepishly admit that the high point of my work week was the office Halloween party where I work. I wasn't expecting it to be fun (office parties are usually quite lame) but getting hands on with a pumpkin and being creative was actually a good thing for me given my week. Above is a (crappy cameraphone) picture of my teams award winning cannibal pumpkin - enjoy!


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