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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sleeping - too much? (or happy birthday Mom!)

Strangely my life has taken an interesting turn - I'm sleeping too much. I used to have significant problems with insomnia and getting to sleep has been a major problem at various points in my life. Now I suddenly find myself sleeping easily, almost too easily. For the last 9 days I've gone to bed early every day. Some days VERY early - before 9:00. I'm not sure what's motivating my sudden always tired demeanor - be it stress, mild depression, or a mild illness.

Aside from being tired quite a bit I've been having a good time. Today my parents stopped by for lunch on their way up to visit my grandparents (dad's side) up in B.C. It was my mom's 51st birthday so I took them both out to the BluWater for some lunch after getting my office to sing a rousing round of "Happy Birthday". As always it was a pleasure to see them and I'm looking forward to seeing them for brunch on Sunday when they pass through Seattle again on their way back home.


Can sleeping too much be dangerous

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