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Saturday, November 12, 2005

A happy time and even more objects of desire.

The last few days have been quite entertaining. Last night some co-workers and I celebrated a few deals we had made recently and went to Daniel's Broiler to celebrate. It's always nice to go have some steak with a few friends and kick back once in a while. I take fire in the office often enough for being anti-social and not coming out drinking with the gang, but once in a while it's not too bad. I guess I really am 24 going on 45 - I just want to sit on my couch, watch movies, and relax.

After dinner I went back to the office and got a bit more work done before going to my friend Alissa's birthday party. It was at the College Pub and was a decent little time. Obviously I didn't stay for long, but I felt that going for a round was the least I could do to honor her birthday. She got a copy of Fluxx - the most creative and wonderful little card game for drunken parties. We played a game of it in the bar and it was quite strategic and entertaining. I may just have to pick up a set for myself. The only problem with the evening was that I left my debit card at the College Pub so I guess I have to head down and pick it up here shortly.

In other news a Canon EOS 5D Review was just posted over at DPreview.com. I am pretty excited about this camera - although it would mean that my cheaper lenses would have to go I really want that full frame goodness for some wide angle shots I have seen in the past. The $4k price tag is hard to swallow, but it gives me something to save for. I might start putting a small bit of money into a camera fund every week and once I have the $6k I would need to get the body, a 17-40L lens, and an 85mm Macro I might make the switch.


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