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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ches Goudy

Last night Brien and I were introduced to possibly the most creative and wonderful hidden little secret on Capitol Hill: Ches Goudy. It's a wine/tappas/unique bistro with some creative twists, a hidden back alley entrance, and decor to make you snuggle up with your party. Everything is self service from the wine to the nosh toppings and fruit/cheese creations - you get charged by the plate color at the end of the evening (ala conveyor belt sushi) and you just grab bottles of wine as they strike your fancy from the bookshelves littering the place. They bring free cheese and vegan bread to enjoy your selected delicious findings with alarming regularity. The chef in back cooks up delicious and tantalizing entrees and desserts to suit his whim (there is no static menu) and wait-staff walk around telling you about the creation of the moment and offering it to you.

It's hard to explain fully, but I encourage everyone to check it out. A bit on the spendy side unless it's Sunday or Tuesday night, but worth the expense. A local newspaper put it thusly, and I couldn't have put it better:

"The drink menu is gargantuan and eccentric, and the ramshackle d├ęcor is like a seedy literary salon, a Faulkner novel, and an opium den tossed in a blender and set to frappe."
--The Seattle Weekly


Chez Goudy is great. As soon as jess feels like she can start drinking wine again I plan to swing by on a tuesday to knock back a few bottles.

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