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Monday, November 07, 2005

Comcast sucks

This is the last straw - tonight I came home to discover that my cable was malfunctioning again. I think I've finally had it with Comcast and their big media bullshit. I've had my media center down more often than not of late and I'm through with it. I called Comcast tonight and canceled my cable - no more TV for me. I've decided to put my $50 a month towards buying shows I like on DVD and being done with it. Eventually I will be able to get a good IPTV solution (via Microsoft or Apple it would seem at this point) and I will put my money to that, but Comcast and the rest of the media monopolies are out of my life for now.


I had subscribed for many years to Comcast's Digital programming with internet. Then one by one my TV's burnt out, so I backed off to just regular cable TV. I checked the line voltage on Comcast's cable for many years and it was 5-9 volts, today it's zero which is the correct measurement. Meanwhile my PC's equipped with a pci tv adapter burnt out. When the TV adapter burnt out it also took out my pc's AGP video card secondary monitor port each time this happened, and seems to cause lag in the primary monitor out port. Chalk this up to bad manufacturing of video cards ingeneral, not to mention Comcast's poor service attitude. Newer TV adapter cards are proporting better quality and less likely to burn out. This I've got to see too believe. In the last 6 months I saw a Comcast employee twice outside my home working on the lines and twice my PC's burnt out. Of course Comcast refused to pay the bill. In 2003 my motherboard, cpu, and ram were ruined, so Comcast also ruined that stuff and 3 TV video adapter cards to boot.

A USB style TV Adapter card did the least damage to my pc's motherboard. I've also lost the main video card secondary monitor to BGE 3 times when the lights went out, that makes a total of 6 main pc video cards ruined and replaced. Last time Comcast came out here they placed a second over lapping line in the ground as if to by-pass my home and isolate it. I guess it could be used to burn out the big screen by charging the line with high voltage if they're so inclined to do so. I don't trust any of these companies with wires, and I sure wouldn't ever fight for them.

Comcast is the easiest to protect against right now. And this can be done by installing as many A-B switches as you have video capturing devices. The first to toggle comcast on and off at the A-B switch to the TV/ VCR/PC. When you aren't watching TV/VCR/PC keep Comcast disconnected. And the second switch is used in a two VCR format. With one VCR hooked directly to the PC on switch A, and the other VCR connected to Comcast cable on switch B, both VCR's are now connected to your tv screen through the A-B switch.

You never want to allow Comcast cable to come into direct contact with your PC. It's bad enough taking direct hits from thunder storms, and with BGE losing power. Another measure taken is to solder a bulb to one end of a Comcast cable. If voltage is applied to cable the bulb will now light to warn you of line voltage.

I'm home all day long, and no one has ever knocked on the door to say they're working on the lines. I estimate my cost damages at 1000 dollars since 2002. It sure will be great to get both tv and internet from EVDO sources in the future.

What's a guy suppose to do sit around waiting until he's charged?

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