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Monday, November 14, 2005

He Makes Things

I Make Things: Bre Pettis, Seattle based web junkie art teacher has a video blog. MAKE:blog just turned me on to it and boy am I excited. He's funky, he's funny, he's creative and while all his video posts don't cry out to me more of them do than any other vlog I've seen yet. Check him out!

On another note every day that goes by I'm more and more sad that with my health problems I missed out on Seattle Mind Camp. I had been helping Andru organize it and then when my stress problems happened flaked out on it. Not only do I hate being a flake, but I really think I missed out on something cool and amazing. Hopefully it will happen again and I'll be able to at least attend and be a part of the creative mind meld that occurs at this kind of event.

Oh yeah - and why am I posting at 6:00am? Because I woke up and can't get back to sleep. Sucks when that happens to you doesn't it. At least I have NetNewsWire to keep me company.


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