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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kill Bills Browser

OK now this is cute - someone has put together Kill Bills Browser, a funny little switch to Firefox site. Even if you already use a browser other than Internet Explorer I suggest checking out the website because it's damn funny. Now I admit I'm a bit hypocritical for posting this because I don't use Firefox myself, but it's still a good cause. If you happen to be on Windows Firefox is a great browser - you should also check out the (now free) Opera. Opera is cleaner and faster than Firefox (not to mention more fully featured as a base install) but lacks the plugin architecture that so many people love (and hate) about Firefox. If you are on a Mac the best thing I can point you at is Firefox's little Mac oriented cousin - Camino. Camino is my current browser of choice even though it's still in beta. It's based on the Mozilla Gecko browsing technologies, but is made for OS X using Apple-centric design philosophies. Seriously - check Camino out and if you are on Windows don't use Internet Explorer or you will be sorry later. If you are looking for other OS X browsers you should check out the Macintosh browsers past and present - it's an informative read and sheds the light on some 80 odd OS X browsers available, mostly for niche uses. They (along with a number of my Apple-cohorts) seem to highly recommend Omniweb but I personally think Camino offers the features I want and the FOSS price I like: $0.


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