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Monday, November 14, 2005

OhGizmo Review: The X-UnderWear and X-Socks

OhGizmo Review: The X-UnderWear and X-Socks: Someone once said "build a better mousetrap and people will beat a bath to your door." I wonder if the same holds true for underwear and socks? When I started reading this post this morning I was slightly incredulous that form fitting underwear of the future could really be all that great, but now I'm half tempted to try the stuff out. The two piece underwear set has special "3D Bionic Sphere System" that (according to the manufacturer):

a labyrinth of tunnels and channels that traverses the back area where many sweat glands are located. This construction greatly increases the area available for evaporation. Depot niches are created for the regulation of moisture. They are activated by body heat and, like biological catalysts, give off moisture to the surrounding air. In this way, moisture is not trapped near the skin.

Now the part that boggles me is that this seems to actually work. The OhGizmo guy was as surprised as I am. The socks apparently work too, with their silver threads helping to reduce odors and their x-support system increasing comfort.

Now that I'm getting ready to start going to the gym again I'm half tempted to get some of the underwear just to try it out. I'm known to most as a heavy sweater, and it's one of the parts of working out that I truly hate. If I can wear a special layer that will whisk the moisture away and keep me fresh as springtime then I'm game.


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