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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Spark Wars

So the week was actually a rather good one. On Wednesday I went to see my neurologist and got a clean bill of health. He blamed stress plus not taking good care of myself. I've been thinking quite a bit about ways that I can improve my life and really help reign in on my health problems. I'm taking a slightly different approach to life and am making a commitment to stress relief. I'm going to be doing some yoga and meditation and going to start working out again.

This weekend in an effort to relax I held another one of my movie marathons - although somewhat rather more tame than my normal ones. This ones theme was Star Wars - I ended up watching the entire series (although out of order) and am now going through all the bonus content and am having quite a good time with it. George Lucas is right - they really are meant to be watched back to back to back and doing so really does help improve your user experience.


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