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Monday, November 14, 2005

Wired News: Boycott Sony

Wired News: Boycott Sony: Finally a high profile news organization willing to stick their neck out and say what we have all been thinking - it's time to boycott Sony. Early on I was a Sony fanboy - in the late 80's and early 90's they were innovating, they were great. Unfortunately their quality has declined and now most of their products are no longer the best of the best. Sad also is the ethical decline - with the recent flurry of DRM rootkits on Windows and the security implications of hiding gaping security holes from millions of people who simply put an audio CD in their computer. The ethical slippery slope does not stop there however - it continues when they lied on the End User License Agreement (EULA) and said it did not phone home or spy on users, but it does. They also tried to infect Mac's but the technical side of that was a bit wonky and it does not seem that they have had much luck. It's ridiculous and a travesty. I agree with Wired - boycott Sony - I won't be purchasing another track in their music library, won't be buying a Sony laptop (and now not merely for their legendary driver problems), and certainly won't be buying any of their mediocre consumer electronics.

Sony - I salute your crap, and am done with you.


In the interests of getting 'regular' folk to recognise just how evil this I've knocked up some T shirt designs which you can find here:


I'm not actually bothered about selling any shirts - but we should be doing things that non-geeks can understand and I figure a T shirt is a good talking point.

I'm not even suggesting you have to buy them there - make your own. If anyone wants a copy of the artwork to do just that mail me: andy AT hexten DOT net. And if anyone can think of a more compelling design go for it :)

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